[CW: contains themes around trauma, dissociation, and general mental health.]

A short little zine I made while experimenting with Electric Zine Maker.  Converted to a digital booklet using HTML5 Reader. Arrow keys, A/D, or click/tap to turn pages.

UPDATE: [Insert Title Here] is now a series! Click here to see more entries.

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TagsComics, Mental Health, Narrative, Queer, Short, zine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hi! I run a searchable catalog for plural-umbrella stories. This seems to qualify; would you be okay with me adding it to the catalog? Thanks! Apologies if I have vastly misunderstood.

That's absolutely okay!! I'm really happy it was able to resonate with you in that way, and this comment really made my day <3


Thanks much! Insert Title Here has been added to the catalog! I hope it helps you find more fans.


Another user of the catalog requests permission to make a text-only transcription of this zine for the sake of blind users. Is that okay with you?

Of course!! Any assistance with accessibility is always appreciated


The user has posted the text transcript here! https://transcribedcomicszines.dreamwidth.org/3218.html we hope it is useful to you!